ANPD – Recently converted in an autarchy – Steps forward in the accomp ...

Jun 23, 2022

Federal Government creates the Regulated Brazilian Carbon Market

Jun 14, 2022

Cade announces working group on vertical mergers

Jun 13, 2022

Brazilian government announces a 10% tariff reduction on several basic impor ...

The Notification of individuals may have resolution in Cade

Jun 06, 2022

Court votes to open new investigations into the fuel sector

May 31, 2022

CADE creates a specific unit to investigate unilateral conduct

May 30, 2022

CADE hires a consultant to prepare studies on trade defense : What is the ro ...

May 26, 2022

ANPD will select experts to discuss regulations concerning International Tra ...

New Commissioner proposes methodology for calculating fines for individuals

May 23, 2022

Inmetro reduces the number of normative acts after a revision of norms

May 16, 2022

New Brazilian decree on Customer Service Centers: what changed for suppliers ...

May 09, 2022


Apr 19, 2022

Nominees for positions at CADE are approved by the Senate’s Economic Affairs ...

Apr 07, 2022

Inmetro’s New Regulatory Model is approved

Mar 21, 2022

Brazilian government institutes National Fertilizer Plan

Mar 16, 2022

Investigations terminated without a merit analysis at SDCOM

Mar 07, 2022

Ministry of Justice and Public Safety issues guide on abusive price increase

Feb 23, 2022

CADE imposes preemptive measures in the dubbing market

Feb 22, 2022

CADE reassesses the legality of exclusivity clauses and reviews a preliminar ...

Feb 15, 2022