International Trade

Our firm was one of the pioneers in client representation in the areas of international trade and commercial defense in Brazil. We work in cases before national and foreign authorities, receiving outstanding recognition in rankings and specialized publications. In general, we are active in:

  • Anti-dumping, subsidies, and safeguard investigations before national or foreign authorities, representing domestic industry, importers, exporters, and associations.
  • Advising on import monitoring and the use of commercial defense measures by trading partners.
  • Tariff change procedures, representing companies in negotiations with the Brazilian Government related to the use of temporary rate change instruments, such as the List of Exceptions to the Common External Tariff (LETEC), temporary reductions due to shortages, ex-tariffs, and permanent changes in the Common External Tariff (TEC).
  • Advising on plurilateral and multilateral agreements, including rules of origin, tariff preferences, and safeguard preferences.
  • Advising on the structuring of import and export operations, including contractual review, trade compliance, customs law, and exportation control, among other topics.

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The experience of our team allows us to say that we have permanently helped in the construction of the areas in which we work.

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