Competition Litigation

Our firm has advised clients on this subject and has represented parties in this type of lawsuit (both plaintiffs or defendants), as well as in related lawsuits such as e.g., demands to produce evidence or protests, in order to interrupt a statute of limitations.

We have been actively participating in debates related to antitrust damage actions, including their intersection with procedures involving the antitrust authority, CADE (e.g., with respect to the issue of having access to documents from CADE’s processes in order to substantiate antitrust damage actions).

Tariff change procedures, representing companies in negotiations with the Brazilian Government related to the use of temporary rate change instruments, such as the List of Exceptions to the Common External Tariff (LETEC), temporary reductions, due to shortages, ex-tariffs, and permanent changes in the Common External Tariff (TEC).

Our experience on competition/ antitrust matters, particularly in defense work on administrative proceedings and negotiation of leniency, plea agreements, and cease-and-desist agreements, is particularly relevant to advising clients in administrative proceedings before municipal, state, and national control bodies, as well as on improbity actions and administrative inquiries.

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