Inmetro reduces the number of normative acts after a revision of norms



Inmetro reduces the number of normative acts after a revision of norms

Inmetro’s Verification and Technical Studies Division (Divet) reported on April 28th that it completed the process of reviewing and consolidating its compulsory normative acts, as determined in Decree No. 10,139/2019.

According to Article 1 of the Decree, “agencies and entities of the direct federal public administration, autarchic and foundational” should review “all [their] normative acts prior to the decree.” The objective of this revision would be to simplify, update, and consolidate the legal acts. As an example, the Federal Government reported that 80,967 normative acts were identified, most of which were reviewed, resulting in the revocation of 42.5%.1

In the specific case of Inmetro, the measure substantially reduced the number of evaluation norms from the agency, who previously had 491 normative acts and now has only 145 consolidated acts. This reduction was possible through an analysis that, besides reducing bureaucracy, allowed a legislative standardization, organizing in which acts Inmetro would be the objects and in which it would act as a regulator, as well as which would be governed by other regulators, besides the merger of repetitive devices or of identical normative value.

This measure increases the efficiency of Inmetro’s actions and aligns its regulations with international practices. In this sense, the registrations also will no longer be physical. They will be made through the Orchestra System, and to maintain uniformity, all of them will follow the General Requirements for Conformity Assessment, which was developed in conjunction with other entities.