Brazilian government opens public consultation for demonstration in free trade negotiation between Mercosur and Singapore

Yesterday, the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), by means of Secex Circular Note No. 34/2018, published a public consultation to gather comments from the private sector on the negotiations between Mercosur and Singapore, in order to harmonize the government’s position on  the possibility of granting preferential tariffs.

The initiative follows the launch of negotiations that began on July 23, 2018, at the Mercosur and Pacific Alliance Summit. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the trade flows between Brazil and Singapore amounted to US$ 3.4 billion, ranking as the 16th greatest destination of the Brazilian exports and the 38th source of our imports.

Just for reference, here is a list with the top 10 products imported by Brazil: [1]

Products% Total participation on imports
Insecticides, anticides, herbicides and similar products24%
Fuel Oils15%
Integrated circuits and Electronic Micro assemblies13%
Human and Veterinary Medicine4.8%
Ethylene, Propylene and Styrene Products4.4%
Other Manufactured Products3.1%
Instruments and Measuring Devices2.7%
Polyacetals and other polyesters in primary forms2.6%
Medical Instruments and Devices2.2%
Acyclic alcohols and its halogenated derivatives2.1%

The comments may encompass the totality of tariffs and must be submitted exclusively by associations and class entities. The comments must be presented by filling out the form published by Secex and be sent to the e-mail address until 09.22.2018.

[1] Source: MDIC