Working Group for joint action between Cade and CVM is established

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) executed the Joint Ordinance CADE/CVM No. 5/2018 to create a Working Group (GT). It seeks to improve, in a joint and coordinated manner, the exchange of information and experiences on: (i) securities issuers; (ii) investment fund industry; (iii) CADE’s Leniency Program and Manual; and (iv) the work developed by CVM for administrative agreements within supervisory proceedings (similar to a leniency).

This GT will be composed of three members from each body, coordinated by its General Superintendencies, and may invite experts to advise on the decision-making process.

The works must be completed within 180 days, counted from the first meeting date, renewable for the same period. In the end, the results shall be submitted to these bodies, in a final report of activities, for the necessary measures to be taken.