SENACON and ANPD are close to striking a Cooperation Agreement

The National Consumer Department (SENACON) and the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) are close to formalizing a Cooperation Agreement, in order to effectively join forces on data protection issues.

SENACON, the entity responsible for planning, elaborating, coordinating, and executing the Consumer Relations’ National Policy, within the Consumer Protection Bureau (DPDC), will cooperate with the ANPD by sharing information that was collected through consumer complaints and is relevant to data protection.

As the Consumer Defense Code and the Brazilian General Data Protection Law allow for a possible overlapping when it comes to the application of administrative penalties, this interaction between the agencies is essential for the precise definition of the sanctioning limits of each of these entities.

According to Juliana Domingues, National Consumer Secretary, “This agreement is extremely relevant in the face of incidents involving consumer data. We are very happy to contribute to the ANPD’s activities. We have formed a Center within the National Consumer Defense Council that aims at this convergence, and we are planning to carry out many joint activities related to personal data protection, in the context of consumer relations.”

In this same sense, Waldemar Gonçalves, president of the ANPD, trusts that such cooperation will be beneficial for the effective data protection of thousands of Brazilians, since this partnership contributes to the formation of “a strong and interconnected system,” capable of structuring and optimizing both activities.