Internal Regulations of the ANPD Published



Ordinance nº 01/2021, which establishes the Internal Regulations of the ANPD, was published today (03.09) in the Official Gazette. The document defines the internal operating procedures, the organizational structure, and their respective duty competencies.

The directors, who will compose the Board of Directors, were nominated by President Jair Bolsonaro, and then they were submitted to the Federal Senate last year.  Among their competencies are the following: to edit regulations and procedures, to establish anonymization standards and techniques and interoperability standards for portability purposes, to deliberate on the content of standard contractual clauses, specific contractual clauses for data transfer, global corporate standards or seals, certificates and codes of conduct, among many other competencies established by article 5 of the Internal Regulations.

The National Council for Personal Data Protection will also have its composition decided by the Presidency, though it shall be based on sectorial recommendations and has not yet been formed. Furthermore, as established in Article 9 of the Internal Regulations, the National Council for Personal Data Protection and Privacy will be regulated by its own internal regulations, in order to execute its competencies.

Access the Internal Regulations of the ANPD here.