On April 07th, Inmetro announced the launch of an automated process for the analysis of imports approval via the “Portal Único.”

Portal Único was a project created in 2014 to reduce bureaucracy and time in Brazilian foreign trade operations. It aims to establish a one-stop process for the necessary interactions between the Government and private foreign trade operators, including licensing applications.

Inmetro’s announcement launches a new process of granting an automated import license via the Portal Único now for granting imports of bus and truck tires, solar panels, automotive wheels, LED lamps, household washing machines, and other household appliances.

The automated process will allow the clearance of the importation of goods under Inmetro’s consent to be carried out from the so-called LPCO (Licenses, Permissions, Certificates, and Other Products), replacing the import license. The expectation is that this automated process considerably reduces the time to release these products.