Consolidated Guide to Antidumping Investigations



The Ministry of the Economy published the final version of the Consolidated Guide to Antidumping Investigations yesterday (03.18.2021). The document was submitted to the public consultation procedure in October 2019 and received contributions from trade associations and the private sector until February 2020.

According to the Ministry of the Economy, the Guide was based on the agreements signed by Brazil and the Brazilian legislation that is currently in force. It does not intend to exhaust the topic, but rather to make information related to antidumping procedures in Brazil more accessible.

The consolidated version of the Guide clarifies fundamental points, concerning anti-dumping investigation procedures and sunset reviews. It adopted some suggestions from those collected during the public consultation procedure. The Guide clarifies issues related to the qualification of legal representatives, a casual damage analysis, the calculation of the dumping margin, the selection of foreign producers or exporters, the difference between the analyses carried out by SDCOM in the hypotheses of continuation and the resumption of dumping, among others. It also includes clarifications regarding special procedures adopted by SDCOM during the COVID-19 pandemic and about the use of the DECOM Digital system.

The consolidated version of this Guide is now available on the Ministry of the Economy’s page and can be accessed through the following link.