Comex: Secex and Federal Revenue of Brazil announce joint efforts

Comex: Secex and Federal Revenue of Brazil announce joint efforts

Fiesp hosted a joint event with Secex and the Federal Revenue of Brasil (RFB) to promote different measures to address violations of trade legislation. At the opening, they emphasized that the synergy and the effective communication between them are a priority of the Federal Government.

In the first panel, DECEX explained how works the coordination between the Federal Revenue and the Foreign Trade Intelligence Group – GI-CEX, and the non-automatic licensing regime. GI-CEX produces reports and receives charts. However, the measures from each sphere are independent, respecting their autonomy and competence. The licensing regime can be an effective measure in combating fraud since licensing occurs before customs clearance, and the importer must wait for the importation goods release.

Another front is the action against false declaration of origin, which is conducted based on an investigation opened after a complaint from the domestic industry, importers, or ex-officio (in this case, the Government verifies data that only it has access to). In these cases, Secex may also communicate with authorities from other countries.

The Federal Revenue, in turn, highlighted customs risk management and enforcement and control actions within the scope of clearance. The main customs frauds are fraudulent intermediation and imports under-invoicing. Today, there is a difficulty in identifying frauds, as they are more complex and overlapping. However, it was noted that the RFB has automated systems that verify data and detect potential irregularities, which help in the investigation of illegal activities.

Despite technological advances and systems integration, the authorities highlighted the important role of companies from each sector in identifying fraud and other illicit activities. Given their expertise and close monitoring, businesses and sectoral entities are able to detect possible frauds more quickly and accurately. For this reason, they reinforced the promotion of complaint channels and dialogue with the authorities, if necessary.