CAMEX opens public consultation about the agenda for the improvement of the regulations of the investment environment



The Executive Secretariat of the Chamber of Foreign Trade (CAMEX) published the opening of a public consultation on last Thursday (8/20), concerning the regulatory priorities of normative acts that impact the investment environment (creation, revocation, review, and compilation). The Regulatory Agenda for the Improvement of the Investment Environment is an initiative of the National Investment Committee (Coninv). It is inserted into the actions of the National Investment Plan for the 2020-2022 biennium, focusing on the coordination of investment attraction and the improvement of the business environment within the country, aiming towards the reconstruction of the economy in the context of the pandemic.

CAMEX seeks to obtain the opinions of the society on existing regulatory practices and proposed actions, based on the answers received to the following questions: (i) In the procedures and rules, regarding the topics listed below, in your view, what are the difficulties and barriers faced that could be the focus of improving the investment environment?; and (ii) what are the normative improvements that could be adopted to ensure greater effectiveness, proportionality, and speed in the performance of the regulatory body for the selected theme? Lastly, which international references could contribute to this theme?

The Consultation does not aim to define an exhaustive list of subjects to be regulated in the period, but to give priority to certain matters, including the following topics: customs; defense; financing, insurance and capital markets; oil and gas; technology and communications; taxation; among others.

Interested parties may manifest themselves, according to the guidelines available on the authority’s website, until October 19, 2020, through the following electronic form.