Cade Judges Two International Cartels in Cathode Ray Tube Markets

During its 128th Trial Session, CADE’s Tribunal ruled two cases of international cartels in the markets for cathode ray tubes for televisions (CPT) and computers (CDT). According to the agency, the global main manufacturers of these tubes had fixed prices, divided markets and restricted the production during meetings that lasted, at least, from 1997 to 2005.

Both investigations were initiated after Samsung’s leniency agreement, which reported the practices and companies involved, and after additional evidence was submitted within several Plea Agreements. Among the Defendants, only Toshiba and ARV, in the CPT case, and MT Picture, in both cases, did not settle.

On the CPT matter, the Tribunal unanimously convicted Toshiba and MT Picture, imposing fines of R$ 3.1 million and R$ 1.3 million, respectively, and closed the case regarding ARV, due to lack of evidence. An individual related to LP Display (who did not join the company’s settlement with CADE) was also convicted, with a fine of R$ 500,000. As to the CDT matter, the Tribunal unanimously decided to close the case regarding MT Picture, since there was no evidence of its participation.

With these two judgments, CADE reaches the mark of 10 international cartels analyzed, by its Tribunal, so far.