CADE issues Information note on the procedural deadlines during the Covid-19 crisis

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) issued an Information note this wednesday (25.03) in compliance with Provisional Measure No. 928 from March 23, 2020, which included article 6-C in Law No. 13.979/2020 that provides for measures to confront the coronavirus pandemic.

 According to the note, the procedural deadlines will not extend to the detriment of defendants in Administrative Proceedings, Administrative Proceedings for the Determination of Mergers, and Administrative Proceedings for the Imposition of Incidental Sanctions. On the other hand, there will be no changes in the deadlines of Mergers, Administrative Enquiries, Preparatory Procedures, Leniency Agreements, Cease and Desist Agreements (locally, “TCC”), Monitoring Merger Control Agreements, Consultations, and Terms of Commitment and Monitoring Performance.

Finally, CADE emphasizes that the lack of continuation of procedural deadlines to the detriment of the defendants does not prevent the normal processing of procedural acts incumbent upon CADE. Some specific situations may require the extension of deadlines, which will be analyzed by means of justified and reasonable requests. For further information, click here.