CADE establishes a Leniency Unit and an Internal Affairs Division



On Wednesday (January 10th), Resolution CADE n. 32/2021 came into force and modified the structure of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) to establish a new Anti-Cartel Unit which shall be responsible for the Leniency Program, and an Internal Affairs Division.

 The new Anti-Cartel Unit (named CGAA10) assumes the attribution of the Chief of Staff of the General Superintendence to manage, maintain and implement the Leniency Program. Additionally, the General Superintendent was attributed with power to designate the occupants of other positions directly subordinated to him, besides the positions of the Deputy Superintendent and the Unit Coordinators.

The structuring of CADE’s Internal Affairs Division complies with the new rules set forth by Decree n. 10.597/2021, and the Division shall be responsible for the execution of several functions, such as: (i) planning, coordinating and performing activities related to the Federal Executive Corrections System (SCPEF) within the Council; (ii) supervising the activities of the CADE’s disciplinary commissions; and (iii) articulate within SCPEF to provide information and guidance to CADE’s departments.

According to the statement published by CADE, these changes seek to optimize the internal structure in order to fulfill the current competition issues in Brazil.