Cade condemns parking cartel

At the August 8 Trial Session, CADE judged the “parking lot cartel” (Administrative Proceeding No. 08012.004422/2012-79), on the private bidding of the Centro Empresarial Nações Unidas (“CENU”) in São Paulo / SP.

In 2011, CENU promoted a contest to replace Allpark as a parking service provider. During the bidding process, however, the company Rod shared sensitive and confidential information about the contest with Allpark, which was able to renew its service offer even without being invited to participate in the bidding process.

CADE, by a majority, convicted the company Rod and its managing partner, imposing total fines in the amount of BLR 437,018.47 and BLR 52,442.22, respectively, based on documents obtained in a search and seizure at Allpark’s headquarters. However, the case was closed in favor of Allpark and related individuals, due to their settlement before CADE. The Tribunal also decided to close the case in favor of Garage Inn, Multipark, Zig Park and related individuals due to the lack of evidence of participation in the conduct.