Bolsonaro Dismisses Ancine President and Civil Servants

In a decree, President Jair Bolsonaro ordered the dismissal of Christian de Castro Oliveira from the position of director and president of Ancine – the National Film Agency, as well as  civil servants Marcos Tavolari and Ricardo César Pecorari (financing policy secretaries), Magno de Aguiar Maranhão Junior (registry superintendent), and Juliano César Alves Vianna (chief of staff of the president).

The dismissals aim to comply with the judicial decision issued in Unnamed Criminal Cautionary Order no. 5054988-47.2019.4.02.5101, which is being processed at the 5th Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro. The decision imputes five crimes to Christian de Castro and his advisers as slanderous denunciation; violation of functional confidentiality; prevarication; slander, injury, defamation; and criminal association. In December of last year, the former agency president directors Magno Maranhão and Marcos Tavolari were the target of search and seizure warrants.

For now, Alex Braga Muniz, the director of Ancine, will take over the presidency. To the understanding of the Ministry of Citizenship, this change should meet the sector with normality.