ANPD and Senacon sign technical cooperation agreement



On March 22, the Brazilian Data Protection Authority – ANPD – signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the National Secretary for Consumer Defense – SENACON. These authorities intend to act jointly on matters of mutual interest, such as consumer personal data sharing. Besides this, the authorities intend to work together when it comes to tax supervision and the development of indicators related to consumer personal data protection. Therefore, the ANPD and SENACON both commit to providing information and clarifications, regarding legislations that meet their common interests. They also agree to collaborate in analyses and studies focused on problem identification, regarding data protection, the development of educational programs, and capitation.

The expected results from the action plan presented by the ANPD and SENACON are: (i) defining coordinated procedures for addressing problems and complaints involving consumer personal data; (ii) joint supervision of consumer data protection; and (iii) formal organization of information sharing between the authorities. According to the action plan, the partnership involving the ANPD and SENACON will be carried out through meetings between their teams. These meetings will happen on a continual basis, so that all the different topics mentioned above can be worked on.

The cooperation agreement will last for 2 years. However, if both the ANPD and SENACON wish to extend the partnership after this term, it is possible to do so with a 30-day prior notice. Both authorities will have a 15-day time limit after the publication of the agreement to designate a team responsible for monitoring, evaluating, supervising, and inspecting the execution of the agreement. This is the first time the ANPD collaborates with another authority, demonstrating the importance of intervention between data protection and consumer defense.