International Trade

Grinberg Cordovil Advogados was one of the pioneers in representing clients in the areas of international trade and trade defense measures in Brazil. With GCA’s performance being frequently highlighted in specialized publications and rankings, the team is active in complex investigations and in a wide variety of subjects carried out by both the responsible Brazilian and foreign authorities, representing the domestic industry, importers, exporters, and trade associations in investigations of dumping, subsidies, and safeguards. Alternatively, GCA also works with investigations of public interest, related to any one of these procedures, as well as in the judicialization of issues related to trade defense.

In addition, GCA has broad experience with tariff-related measures, such as temporary changes promoted by the List of Exceptions to the Mercosur Common External Tariff (LETEC), temporary reductions due to shortages, the Brazilian instrument called ex-tariffario, and permanent changes in the Mercosur Common External Tariff (TEC).

Among the remarkable cases in which GCA had the opportunity to represent, we would like to highlight the public interest investigation, concerning the anti-dumping duty applied to Brazilian imports of graphite electrodes from China; the dumping investigation against Brazilian imports of nitrile rubber (NBR) originating from France and Korea; the sunset reviews of the anti-dumping duty on imports of PVC-S from the USA and Mexico; the safeguards investigation carried out by the European Commission of certain steel products; and dumping investigations against Brazilian exports of metallic silicon to the European Union and Canada.

In summary, GCA’s performance in commercial defense and international trade takes place in various ways, specifically including:

  1. Representing clients in dumping, subsidies, and safeguards investigations in Brazil and abroad;
  2. Representing clients in analyzes of public interest analyses, related to trade defense in Brazil;
  3. Legal advice related to the rules of foreign trade for national or foreign clients;
  4. Client representation in disputes between countries before the World Trade Organization (WTO);
  5. Assistance in adapting products to international trade standards before the competent authorities.


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