Our Firm


Is an experienced-born law office.

Professionals who already worked together in renowned law offices decided to establish GCA with a single purpose in mind: to render high quality and specialized services in offering innovative solutions to legal matters for both national and foreign clients.

We are Specialized

We provide services in specific areas of law, which allows us to invest in quality. We are masters in the subject matters we work with, literally. We value the technical excellency, the professional background of our team and we put effort on being constantly updated. As a result, we are knowledgeable and trained lawyers with the best and most modern capabilities to solve legal matters within our working fields of law.

We are innovative

The dynamic times we live in demands creativity from service providers. Each question made is unique, each problem is individual. We answer to this reality with customized, tailor-made solutions. To obtain them, we seek to act in close partnership with our clients. When we understand their world, their values, their market we gain information and tools necessary to create new and original solutions for problems raised.

We are experienced

When working with Law, you cannot disregard its history, its precedents. The experience of our team allows us to say that we have permanently contributed to the construction of the areas of law that we work with. Our experience also allows us to know what needs to be done and how it should be done. Being experienced permits us to be direct an straightforward, ensuring our clients the best service.